6 thoughts on “Mayday, we’re sinking! Episode 39”

  1. Glad you all are OK

    I’ve been thinking of putting a Y valve on the raw water intake with an additional longer hose on one side of the Y that can be fed into the cabin or bilge should we start taking on water so the diesels raw water pump could help bail.

    Just an adaptation of the “remove the raw water inlet hose from the sea strainer to de scale the system” for use in emergencies.

  2. So glad that you are both safe and sound. Remember the old saying “that what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger”. You are definitely stronger AND wiser after this incident. Stay healthy and enjoy your voyages. Fair WInds.

  3. Wow I am so glad you guys are ok, team work and no panic is what saved you. I know this sounds weird but you are all the more experienced in a time of danger than most people on the water. God bless… you guys are great. Ps and I can’t believe people give you comments about smoking on your videos, your theme song says “doing it our oun way on lady k” so do it your own way and forget about what others think. Take care.

  4. I have been running an old boat on Georgian Bay for 15 years .
    I will certainly be checking the “thru hulls” more often.
    I’m about a year and a half behind you guys. Hope you’re still in the Carribean when I get there.
    Everything will sort itself out for you guys.
    Remember; even the CBC checked you out because of a hurricane.
    That was very cool!

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