4 thoughts on “Let the Repairs Begin!”

  1. Hi guys love the show. My wife and I (Guy & Carol ) are fellow Lake St Clair sailors. Just a thought, but if you are thinking of getting a water maker why not install a 1 1/2 in bronze thru hull with a ball valve on it. If you use a bronze plug put a piece of marine plywood on the nut side sanded to fit the hull shape.
    Be safe and enjoy.
    Good luck Carol and Guy

    1. Hey hey thanks for the suggestion – I think we’ve made our minds up to do just that. Someday we may get a watermaker and it is nice to plan ahead 🙂

  2. I’d like to send you a few rough drafts for a logo but I don’t use Facebook, Twitter, etc. I just have good ol’ email… how can I send you some images?

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