Buying a boat? Help is HERE!

We know buying a boat is hard work. You have to do all the research and make a lot of decisions and you might not even know what you really want yet! Having someone to consult with who knows what they’re talking about can save you a lot of time and money.

I get a tremendous amount of requests for help to put my experience and research to good use in helping people with the boat buying process and for a nominal fee, I am very pleased to be able to offer these service.

Payment is made after we talk, via Paypal by going to and clicking the “One Time” Paypal button.

One Hour Consultation / $80 (US): A one hour sit down in person, over the phone, video call, etc. to discuss anything and everything you’d like and cover all of your questions in your journey to buying a boat.

Prepurchase Inspection / $200 (US): It’s easy to overlook things with the rose colored glasses of a boat buyer but, with my experience and unbiased perspective a prepurchase inspection will always find the things you missed and be the voice of reason when you’re considering such a large purchase. This also includes research into the value of the boat and help making an appropriate offer.

Sea Trial / $200 (US): Often the last step in the purchasing process, taking her out for a shake down of all the systems is a must do. Sitting at the dock wont put stress on the boat and let’s be honest, we want to make sure she’s a good sailing boat!

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