One thought on “Staniel Cay – Episode 38 – Lady K Sailing”

  1. Hey You Two,

    I just caught the stream about you starting to sink.
    First, I’m glad you’re ok. Second, Good on you for staying cool under pressure and finding the solution.
    Third, I can tell you are fellow Canadians by the way you apologize, even when shtf.
    It can happen to anyone and you handled it admirably. Good there was lots of help there, too. Small blessings that it wasn’t night time and stormy….

    You’re probably on this thought train already, but it might be smart to get yourself to a marina asap. If there are any boaters still nearby, I would recommend taking the offer of a warm, dry place to sleep (that isn’t only not sinking because of a plug tapped into a hole in the hull). A hot shower and warm food will do wonders for your mindset. Clean laundry will help. Don’t shrug off the help. You’re probably in shock. You would do it for someone else…. Take the help when you need it.

    As for temporary repairs…if you have any epoxy putty or other waterproof putty like butyl, I’d press that in tightly around the plug to stem further water flow. Then, in daylight, and when you are more calm and able to think clearly, I’d swim under and jam some epoxy putty into the perimeter of the plug from the outside, too.

    If it is possible to cut the long narrow end of the plug off, that may help with snagging less seaweed, etc., but don’t dislodge the thing. If you do dislodge it, put it in from the outside, so the water pressure is helping push it in tighter. Remember in a pinch anything you can do to slow water is beneficial. Even dragging a sail under the boat so the sail cloth is helping to plug the hole will be helpful. You may be able to wedge the top of the plug down into the hole with something (hammer handle?) braced to it so the pounding/flexing of the hull does not cause the plug to work loose on your way to the marina.

    I imagine the speed sensor is pretty well right under the stem of the boat…kind of tricky to do a permanent repair with it in the water.

    You said you have glass and resin on the boat, so I imagine you know how to do the repair once it’s out of the water…. Might as well make it permanent once you’re able.

    The electronics, while expensive and important and frustrating to lose, are not the biggest hassle. Getting to port safely is. Heck, people have sailed for ages without electronics. Many of your electronics may work again if you clean them of all corrosion from the salt. Most people throw things away that are salvageable. On the other hand, I think it will be very difficult to get the saltwater traces out of your bed foam. It will always feel damp because of the salt (unless you can really thoroughly clean the salt out with lots and lots of fresh water). It may be worth a new mattress. Good sleep is priceless.

    I could yammer on, but I think getting yourselves to a safe harbour and making a better fix for the trip there are key priorities. Take the help of the people offering it.

    I look forward to your ongoing adventures. I suspect that even though this slows you down, it will not stop you.

    Happy New Year…it has to get better from here!
    David Saunders

    There probably isn’t too much I can do to help from here, but if you need help with research, shipping items from Toronto area, etc, just let me know.

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