We’ve released a book!

Short Stories by Lady K Sailing will be a series of short e-books available on Kindle through Amazon. The first edition is now out: Leaving Home. It’s only $0.99 and you can get a copy here:

Amazon United States: Leaving Home – Short Stories by Lady K Sailing, Book One

Amazon Canada: Leaving Home – Short Stories by Lady K Sailing, Book One

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3 thoughts on “We’ve released a book!”

  1. Hi Tim, I just watched Episode 31 and very happy with watching the great adventure. I saw your comment on your first short story, bought it on Kindle and enjoyed reading it. Very true to life, sorta factual stuff that I like. I also follow a few of the serious sailing you tubers, such as RAN Sailing, etc.
    My main comment on your book is that you should be very pedantic about typos, spelling and punctuation. I am the head of the Australian spelling and apostrophe police (no such thing but you know what I mean).
    I am a wanna be cruiser but being on the wrong side of 70 doesn’t help and besides my wife won’t let me. We have owned a 28ft yacht in the past and I know which bit is which.
    I would like to be a volunteer proof reader for you so to enable you to get on and churn out the words and allow me to be pedantic about the details of correct spelling , etc. You could zap me a proof version, I can check and send back corrections. Consider it my donation?
    Happy to discuss this with you if you are interested, otherwise tell me to go away.
    Victoria, Australia

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