4 thoughts on “Episode 32 – ICW FOG”

  1. Wanted to let you know that we can def tell that you got a new camera. We have a 65 inch tv (currently watching your new video as I am typing this) and the video quality is awesome. Much love and sail on!
    Mandi and Johney

  2. Enjoyed your live feed and of course your vids. You guys surpass Delos and the rest because you give great info on actually sailing the boat and all that goes into it. I don’t want a travel log video so we’ll done!

    Question how many batteries in your bank? Why lead? I was thinking Agm for my new banks, opinion?



    1. Hi thanks so much for watching. We’ve got four lead golf carts and a second bank engine start. We went with lead because we can’t afford more.

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