Sailing Sponsors, how we get by? No.

Hey all! We’ve done a lot of “product review” discussions on our YouTube channel and while it may seem like we tend to promote certain products, and we do from time to time get accused of being sponsored, rest assured, we are not. We have no affiliation with anyone.

This of course doesn’t stop us from speaking admirably about the products we have grown to love on this crazy adventure. We talk a lot about our Rocna 55lbs anchor which we paid full retail for. Our use of Navionics which again – full price. Our Epic water filter system, gel memory foam bed, and the list goes on. I could rave for an hour about our Mercury outboard too!

Lady K and crew get by strictly on our own savings and ability to make a few bucks along the way. While we don’t receive help from any company in particular, we would welcome the opportunity to review products and get some free gear as we travel. We are in a pretty good spot to put new products to the test, that’s for sure. If you ever hear of a company looking for some open minded travelers to test stuff, let us know!

The help we do receive is from two places. First, our YouTube channel has ads. While we don’t relish the idea of advertising, we do have to make a living and if people enjoy our content, we hope they are willing to sit through a few ads here and there. It seems only fair.

Second, and our best source of income is Patreon. If you get value from our YouTube episodes, Patreon is an independent site that allows you to send us a couple bucks every Friday when we release a new episode. People usually sign up to send $10 an episode, or $40 a month as we release one per week.

Patreon sets a cap at four episodes a month so it’s easy and safe. It just bills your credit card at the end of each month.

That’s our bread and butter and the reason we are able to keep on cruising and making videos for you to enjoy.

Hope that helps explain a little about how we do things and shows that we are still very impartial. If we give you an opinion about a product, rest assured it is a real opinion.

If you want to help us out, check out our Patreon page.

As always, lot’s of love! Lady K and crew <3

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