Massive Plastic Luxury Hotel

Your Mega Yacht plowed through the harbor today. The massive white plastic luxury hotel you drive from tropical place to tropical place. No doubt you run a multimillion dollar oil company. Or perhaps you are the head of a major pharmaceutical outfit.

I’m anchored in a no wake zone on my cheap and I’m sure irrelevant and inconsequential sailing boat. However, your driver passed by with minimal speed and caused minimal wake.

As you passed by the people anchored here I am hoping you looked outside one of your many windows to see if we were looking at you in your multimillion dollar luxury yacht that was no doubt a tax write off (whatever that means).

I hope you saw me dancing. Dancing and singing along to my favorite song. Yes, I noticed you. But not because you are rich and assuredly an amazing CEO. I noticed you because I was worried your hired captain would not let off the throttle and slowdown for us because he has to get the boat into dock so you can board a private plane to attend a business meeting.

The minimal wake at low speed your beautiful yacht cast thought the anchorage caused me to thank you with a quick nod before I went back to singing and dancing.

Slowly as you passed by me and your wake hit me I became aware of something. That moderate wake was the only impact you had. I mean, I felt it. My boat fluttered back and fourth for a few seconds in the wake of your mega yacht. But that was it.

I didn’t look to see who was onboard. I noticed the damage such a boat could do to my small home and I kept dancing.

Not only did the lack of physical impact hit me, but so did the lack of impact you have on my ongoing days. I don’t subscribe to any pharmaceutical remedies of buy copious amounts of oil or natural gas. I don’t live in a house with utilities at all. I use such a small amount of gasoline and diesel on my sailboat that I can’t even be bothered to look at the price per gallon when I buy it. “Sir, are you sure you only need six gallons?” “Yes, that’s all I need.”

While you ride high with your servant and crew I sit low, sure. But I’m not mad about it. Go by and feel smug. I’ll be here singing and dancing if you need me.

Love, Lady K.

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