Tim’s New Life, and Some Feelings, and a Plea for Money

I cleaned like, the whole damn house today. And of course when you do house work, you need the tunes, right? Country music fits my summer, although I listen to every kind of music. A few songs came on today that I really enjoyed last year because they made a lot of sense at the … Continue reading “Tim’s New Life, and Some Feelings, and a Plea for Money”

Word Vomit: Oversharing is an Unhealthy Coping Mechanism

Maybe it is…or maybe it’s just a way to get the monkey off my back? I came back to my hometown of Chatham, Ontario after finishing a year of college up in Toronto. I played catch up with my friends and family back home – made some new memories, relished in old ones and quickly … Continue reading “Word Vomit: Oversharing is an Unhealthy Coping Mechanism”

Valentine’s Day, Lady K Style

Hallmark Holiday, Holiday for the girls, call it what you will. It’s been called a lot of things and whether you support it or not, if you have a better half they’ll likely want you to show them some sort of affection today. Flowers are the obvious, chocolates maybe. But in a relationship so heavily … Continue reading “Valentine’s Day, Lady K Style”

What Unemployment Really Feels Like

Well, it’s officially been a month. Unemployed. It doesn’t feel unemployed. I mean, if I had to classify it, I would call it “deciding to live with only what I need, make just enough money to cover it, and find happiness in places other than money and possessions.” LOL. The first week or two, I … Continue reading “What Unemployment Really Feels Like”

Licenses, Passports, Registrations, Oh My!

As you know, we have finally set a date to throw off the lines and sail into a world unknown (at least to us).  August 1st of this year, we are blowing this pop stand! Tim already covered quite a bit of the plan in his post(s) – sell all the things, move out of … Continue reading “Licenses, Passports, Registrations, Oh My!”

The Problem with Some Old Sailors

Since getting more involved in the sailing community by making our videos and sharing our plan, most of the people we know have been overjoyed to hear of our plans. I mean, most of them think we’re crazy but it’s been very positive. With a few exceptions. There is an inherent problem with older male … Continue reading “The Problem with Some Old Sailors”