When It Rains…

You know those days when you work all day then have a hundred and one other things to do afterwards? Those days that you’re so warn out that you barely even make it to your bed before you pass out? I never thought it possible, but here I am, kinda missing those days.

What the hell is wrong with me you ask? What’s wrong is the fact that it seems like every single day that we make plans to get boat work accomplished, or go wander whatever town we’re in or even those days that we just want to veg in the cockpit and have some cold brewski’s doing absolutely nothing – it rains. And when it rains, it pours. Both literally and figuratively.

So, take the day off and just do nothing. Right? That’s what rainy days are for! The universe’s way of telling you that you need a time out. Wrong. Not in my world. I’m a busy-body. I can do maybe one day of “doing nothing” and even on those days, by about mid-afternoon, I’m bored of being bored and find something to do. Even if it’s something small like doing the dishes or laundry or sweeping the dang floor. Something! But that was back at the house where we had unlimited amenities.

Boat life is different. Our boat life is different. If the weather isn’t in our favour, we’re limited on power, which limits us on what we’re able to do or accomplish. We’re well-equipped with solar panels, but funny thing about those – they require the sun to do their job. Derp! If we’re sitting more than a day without seeing the sun, our batteries are not happy, which makes us not happy. Most things that we do to keep ourselves occupied require electricity in one form or another. From boat work to cleaning to watching a movie or listening to music to…well, pretty much everything. So, when the forecast calls for a few days of garbage weather, we have a choice to make. We can either run the diesel for an hour or so (which is less than ideal) or we can suck up the dockage fee’s and sit in a slip for a couple of days.

The latter has its benefits. It allows us to power up and charge our devices, fill up on water and tackle some projects without the worry of pissing off our batteries. It lets us dump everything from the GoPro onto the desktop, listen to our music, while charging the laptop and tablets – things that we need to keep you guys up to date. Great! But that also requires internet. Something we’re having a hell of a time finding lately. We’re currently sitting in Annapolis, Maryland. This is the sailing haven of the world (or so I say based on what I’ve seen to date). There are marina’s and yacht clubs tucked into all the nooks and crannies of this city. It’s amazing! But when it’s time to find a place to park our fat bottom girl for a few days, it comes with some research. Who is equipped with what? Who has the most to offer? Where can we get the most bang for our buck? Paying for a dock is not cheap (and gets more expensive the closer we get to the weekend of the Annapolis Boat Show). So, much like this morning, we call around, see who has what available and make our decision.

Today’s choice was not great, despite the wonderfully accommodating lady who answered the phone and answered our questions. This place is not great for our boat or for our WiFi requirements. While every single boat in this marina is parked in their slips, bow out – Lady K is not. The channel is less than ideal to try to maneuver our boat into its slip. So narrow! Let’s not forget the fact that we’re towing our dinghy, which is also not great for maneuverability. Should we also talk about the fact that K doesn’t steer well in reverse? Backing into our slip was not going to happen. Screw it (we say that now, but leaving should be equally interesting). Something we are getting used to (though not at all happy about), is paying the prices that we are only to find out that the WiFi offered is either complete garbage or it doesn’t work at all. It suuuuucks! Sucks like I’m typing this blog post and I have to hot spot my phone just to be able to post it. Not fun. I wanted to work on our budget, but it’s saved on our Google drive, which is just a pain in the ass to get from one device to another – again, relying on a hot spot. I’ve got a bunch of really great pictures from our journey so far that I would love to share, but guess what makes that possible? You guessed it – the internet.

What I’m getting at in this post (in my oh-so-special scatterbrain way) is to let you know that it really isn’t all sunshine and lollipops – sometimes. Yes, we’re living our dream. Yes, we’re living an amazing life on our boat. Yes, we’re genuinely happy. But these rainy days – they really kill our buzz. Luckily – we already planned on being here for a few weeks and aren’t in any rush to move along. Juuuust wanted to share some frustrating thoughts so I don’t have to keep it all bottled up. That shit will make a mess later if I don’t let it seep out now and we can’t have that. 😉

<3 Candice xo.



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  1. On the weekend we traveled to Muskoka, a place where it snows from November to April. Temperatures get so cold that it hurts to go outside. While we were there we went to the fall fare, and in one of the buildings we saw the results of many ” rainy days”. There were hand made items for sale every where we looked. These people found ways to turn hobbies into cash, value added time fillers. Reading your post reminded of some of these times. The sun will come out tomorrow.

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