When can we leave?

Frustration doesn’t do it justice.

We’ve moved back into the house and with that came the inevitable – we miss Lady K. We miss the water, the people, the lifestyle that is #boatlife.

I scour my brain for ways to leave sooner. Wouldn’t it be amazing to just go now? It’s the right time of year to miss the hurricanes and get to the Caribbean just on time. I actually started making a list:

Where do I want to be right now?

Answer, without a moments hesitation: A warm anchorage.

What’s in my way?

  1. Pay off credit card,
  2. buy solar,
  3. composting head,
  4. water maker.
  5. Save kitty.

It’s so frustrating living the day to day praying we find some way to expedite our plans. We’re ready to go now in many ways: boat, plans, emotions, energy. But we aren’t ready in one super important way: money. The great barrier.

We love making videos and we hope in time to get a good patronage going on Patreon but alas, it takes time. We have a financial plan that has us in a very good place to go in two years. But two years!

We have most of our stuff for sale to expedite the process as much as humanly possible, and I am scouring the online atmosphere for any odd jobs I can pick up in my down time.

Does anyone need any writing done? Hehe.

Our motivation is pure, or resolve is uncompromising.

We will find a way.

We will go small, go simple, go now…ish.

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