What Unemployment Really Feels Like

Well, it’s officially been a month. Unemployed.

It doesn’t feel unemployed. I mean, if I had to classify it, I would call it “deciding to live with only what I need, make just enough money to cover it, and find happiness in places other than money and possessions.” LOL.

The first week or two, I won’t lie, was just a vacation. I worked for my previous employer for seven years and hustled the crap out of life. I went from an entry level 30k job to just shy of six figures in a very short time. I bought a bunch of fancy stuff and lived a pretty dope life.

Now however, Facebook keeps reminding me of the stuff I was posting pictures of for those seven years and I am in a pretty cool, albeit rare situation. I get to see what was important then, and what’s important now, just a month out of work.

I used to post tons of pics of my car and my stuff and the super fancy life I was leading. The parties and boat trips and Saturdays with my friends.

Now it’s a bit different.

What’s important has changed a whole lot. I can’t wait to be rid of this house. I can’t sell my stuff fast enough. I want the cars and motorcycles and stuff gone. The freeing feeling of admitting that it’s all a big scam is beyond words. Knowing now that I don’t rely on my “status” or possessions to make me who I am going to be is beyond what I expected it to be.

Tomorrow I’ll wake up like I did today – full of energy and out to accomplish a ton of stuff. It’s just different stuff. Seven years of trying to change the world and buy all the stuff, and tomorrow I only want to be happy. The stuff that got in the way is gone. I don’t have to go to work to make a ton of money to buy things I don’t need. All I have to do is wake up and pursue whatever it is that makes me happy.

More often than not, as you may have noticed, writing about my feelings is topping the list.

You know how once someone has gone skydiving, they can’t wait to tell everyone?

It’s exactly like that.

Take the leap and buy less stuff. Make happiness out of experiences and progress instead of television and furniture. I’m really starting to understand why people live in vans and drive around the country with next to no money. They are actually living.


Love you!

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