Valentine’s Day, Lady K Style

Hallmark Holiday, Holiday for the girls, call it what you will. It’s been called a lot of things and whether you support it or not, if you have a better half they’ll likely want you to show them some sort of affection today.

Flowers are the obvious, chocolates maybe. But in a relationship so heavily influenced by sailing, those things just wont cut it.

Don’t get me wrong, I did make sure Candice got a little something delivered to work today so I crossed that T so to speak. The lady needs to know you’re thinking about her and more often than not, it’s actually not about money. You don’t have to do drop diamonds and gold on her to make the statement she’s looking for.

She just wants to know you care AND, she wouldn’t mind a little display of affection in front of her work peeps. Having a surprise delivered to work always hits the spot. After all, a working woman spends a lot of time with the same people and if those people get a delivery and she doesn’t… well, it’s like being the kid in grade three elementary school who doesn’t get any Valentine’s Day cards except for the token cards that everyone in the class gets. It’s kind of insulting. Please don’t let your lady be insulted boys!

Lady K Sailing took it a step further this year.

On any sailboat, you have winches. Here is one of ours:

These are the things you see people frantically grinding on while sailing. They’re kind of a big deal.

Our boat has four of them in the back area we use a lot, and several more in other locations. The point of a winch is to pull on a rope that controls a sail. There is often hundreds if not thousands of pounds of pressure on these ropes so you just can’t pull them by hand.

Our primary winches (the ones we use all the time) were just standard winches where the first person wraps a rope around them and cranks like crazy to “winch in” the rope. Here’s a shot of Candice winching while Harry, a crew member pulls on the tail end of the rope. It takes the two of them to get the rope to move. Candice winching, and Harry “tailing” as it’s called. He has to pull really hard:

It’s super hard work but luckily they invented something called a “self tailing” winch. This mean you don’t need Harry! Or rather, one person can wrap the rope around and winch like crazy on the crank, but no one else needs to help.

The problem with these self tailing winches is that they’re the better part of $2000, and since our winches do “work”, we just didn’t see the fancy self tailing versions in the budget. Ever. They’re a luxury.

Yesterday however I was scouring the internet to try and cheap out on the things we need and came across exactly the same winches we have (Lewmar 40’s) in a  self tailing model for much less than $2000.

This is kind of amazing because you NEVER see these things on the cheap, so we just assumed we’d never have any – go small, go simple, go now and all that stuff.

They guy who had them had just posted them super cheap but already had people offering to send him money via Email Money Transfer. I emailed him quickly and promised to come get them immediately, sending a deposit ahead of time. It was 5pm.

He agreed and we set off into the dark.

He was at the Whitby Yact Club. Three and an half hours away.

Just 30 minute in, sailing in the car at 145kmh we had a blow out. The back left tire decided it wasn’t a tire anymore. This is why we always have a full size spare in the car!

That cost us 8 minutes and all of my nerves.

We still arrived in less than three and a half hours.

We bough the fancy winches we’d never thought we could afford, and some other random stuff he had for sale and got a great tour of the Whitby Yacht Club – thanks Ryan!

Anyway, this is how we do VDay in the Lady K house!

Cheers, love ya” Happy VDay to the ladies out there. Much love from us to you.

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