Tropical Storm Problems

Hey all

Just wanted to do a quick post to let you know that yes, we know there is some tropical storm activity in the Atlantic, which we are in, and yes we have a plan.

The activity is very, very far from hitting the east coast of the US and even then, will be very far from where we are right now. However, we have the following plan:

Today we are in Sandy Hook anchored and happily waiting for some good weather to make the 70 mile, 12 hour hop down the east coast to Atlantic City, NJ. We are with a few other Canadian boats and our friend Bruce from the US side of Lake Erie.

Tuesday (tomorrow) looks good so a bunch of us will set our early. Wednesday we will leave Atlantic City and head for Cape May. Thursday we will shoot up the Delaware Bay to the C&D Canal to relative safety from anything going on in the Atlantic Ocean.

This push, while the safest thing we can possibly do, does put us in Annapolis a full month ahead of the boat show we are hoping to be around for. Not sure what we will do about that just yet. Perhaps we can stick around the Chesapeake Bay area for a month?

Anyway, we’re safe. Lot’s of love from us to you.

Tim and Candice

3 thoughts on “Tropical Storm Problems”

  1. Thank you for the update. We are heading down to Rehobeth Beach Delaware on 9-11-18 We would love it if we could meet up with you guys. We will be in that area til 9-14. We have an open schedule. I went on Patreon to help you guys out but don’t know if it went through or not.

    1. Hi Will. Thanks so much for the comment. That city looks to be right below Cape May? We are actually headed to Cape May today! Our plan is to head up the Delaware Bay. We may be there and gone a bit before you arrive sadly. We’re trying to get away from the coast before this tropical storm business comes anywhere near.

      Maybe we will run into each other one way or another.

      I checked Patreon and no, it didn’t go through. We very much appreciate the effort however 🙂


  2. Folks,

    You could have stayed at the chesapeake city dock for nothing, if room was available. Electric is on the honor system.

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