Top 10 Things We Love and Hate about Boat Life

People always assume that living on a boat is either very romantic – sunsets and starry skies – or terrible – cold, cramped, and wet. To be honest, it’s kind of both. I mean, we DID get to watch the biggest meteor shower in recorded history this weekend from the comfort of our home πŸ™‚

Boat life can be super awesome, and super crappy at the same time. It’s hard to explain but suffice it to say, the highs are super high while the lows… are super low.

We decided to put together a quick and dirty list of the things we love, and the things we don’t love so much. Maybe five of each? Let’s see how this goes…

The LOVE List

  1. Sunsets and starry skies. You kinda saw that one coming didn’t ya? Honestly, before bed every night we get to sit in the cockpit and stare up at the beautiful night sky. We catch a sunset every night and it made us realize, living int he city you just don’t bother trying to see these things. A lot of the worlds beauty was happening while we were inside watching Grey’s Anatomy.
  2. Cheapness. We are Sailors after all! Our “stuff” doesn’t fit on the boat and while that may sound like a bad thing, it actually realigns our priorities quite a lot. We don’t partake in consumerism like we used to. You can only fit what you need so you don’t have to buy stuff. I haven’t actually been to Walmart since we started living aboard.
  3. Sailing. We get to sail all the time. When we lived in the house, having to drive all the way to the boat was a big deterrent. Now we just untie the dock lines and go whenever we have the whim.
  4. The People. At home we rarely ventured out to meet the neighbors but when you live on a boat there really isn’t much to do. You tend to wander and wandering leads to meeting other people who wander. It’s a rare weekend where we don’t hang out on someone else boat making new friends.
  5. Exercise. Everything on the boat is harder to do. Not having a dishwasher means you wash dishes constantly. No laundry either. Not having a house full of stuff to do means you tend to get out a lot more. Β I’ve been losing about a pound a week with just the lifestyle change.

The Not So Love List

  1. The fridge. This thing drives us crazy. It’s a box about as big as your vegetable crisper and the door is on the top so every time you want to find something you have to take half the stuff out of the fridge. It’s also not big enough to handle two weeks worth of food so we have to make constant trips to resupply. It sucks.
  2. The bugs. You have no idea how many tiny critters are trying to get into your house until your house has tons of tiny holes and cracks they can squeeze through. Try as we might to weather strip and seal every gap, the mosquitoes still get in, and of course they bring the spiders. Work in progress.
  3. The space – While limited space means less spending, the stuff we do need is often buried in some locker somewhere under ten things and we never seem to know exactly where to find anything. For example, the nights are starting to get colder and I asked Candice “Where did we hide the space heater?” After a few minutes she replied “I think it’s in the locker under the port settee.” We didn’t bother moving stuff to look.
  4. Gas prices. Our work used to be a few minutes away. Now, it’s half an hour. I’m reaching a little here because it is a gorgeous drive in down a winding country road along the river and we get the sunrise every morning. However we are spending twice as much on fuel now. Sad pandas.
  5. The water tank. 114 liters may sound like a lot and it kind of is, but when you have a “pressure water system”, a large pump shoots water to all the faucets and you often use way more than you think you are. In a house, this never really comes into play but with just Candice and I, we can empty that water tank in as little as three days. And that’s without showers. We use the Yacht Club showers. Just washing dishes and brushing teeth takes a ton of water. We intend to install foot pumps at both sinks so we don’t always have to use the pressure water as often.

So that’s boat life so far as we know it. It’s just week five of living aboard so stay tuned.

<3 Tim

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