The Fear is Real!

To say we’re getting scared is an understatement. I’m not sure I could put into words exactly what this feels like. You get rid of your house and your jobs and yes, that’s scary. You sell all your stuff and again, kinda scary. But the real fear doesn’t really show up until you only have a few weeks left.

The real fear is knowing that the day is coming (very soon!) where you untie the lines and leave the comfort and relative safety of your dock. You leave all the people you’ve grown to love. The people who without a doubt have your back. They are there to help no matter what happens. Our boat could sink in her slip tomorrow and twenty people with unlimited resources would be at our immediate disposal.

The day we leave however, we’re alone. Officially without our people that have helped us get this far. If something goes wrong, we wont have help. We won’t have a hardware store a few miles away or cars to get us there even if there was. We won’t have family or the opportunity to make money. We won’t have safety.

That’s the scary part. The truly chilling reality of what we’re doing is setting in as the day quickly gets closer.

Inch by inch we’ve made it this far and day by day, we will continue. Personally, and I don’t speak for Candice though I am sure she’s in the same boat (hehe), we’re taking the approach of simply ignoring the fear.

Ultimately reality will hit and when it does, it will hit hard. But once we’re gone there really  is no turning back. We won’t have a choice but to push forward into the sunset, and the world unknown in the great blue beyond.

God we’re going to miss you guys.

Much Love, Lady K

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