That House Life

Candice is going to post soon on some house life stuff but let me preface it with this: we moved back to the house yesterday. A sad day.

We have a few reasons for this, chiefly amongst which is the start of school. We have to be here to put the kids on the bus. Also, her car broke down again and we needed the garage/tools. 1985 Volkswagen problems. She is pretty however:

Anyway, suffice it to say we’re home sweet home… or maybe not so sweet.

“I’m so bored!” has left my mouth several times in the last 24 hours followed by “What do house people do all day?”

With respect to house people, houses are great. Unlimited running water, central air, big kitchens with full fridges. I friggin love it! But at the same time, I’m so bored!

We got “home” from work today and honestly I have no idea what I should be doing. If we were at the boat I’d be filling the water tank, figuring out dinner, going for a swim or a sail. Maybe a dinghy ride to explore. But here… here it’s basically Netflix or eat some food.

No wonder I’ve been losing weight on the boat. That’s the first of my many boat life discoveries. I bored eat. Β Nothing to do? Have a snack!

I can’t bring myself to turn on the TV either. Like, isn’t there something that needs doing?

Another problem I’m discovering is that all the old hobbies aren’t really worth doing. I used to do wood working and gardening and now it just doesn’t seem worth it. Like, how will this get me to the Caribbean sooner?

I am however enjoying all the hot water right now πŸ˜‰

But alas I’m finding that house life just doesn’t agree anymore now having lived on the boat for the better part of the summer. I hope she is missing us as much as we are missing her.

For now, we count down the days to race night.

Three more sleeps.

<3 Tim

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