Safe and Sound!

Genuinely, we’re having such a great time! I mean, we got beat up a little coming out of Detroit and headed for Put In Bay, OH. We ventured out into Lake Erie again the next morning and it wasn’t exactly smooth sailing but it wasn’t scary either. Then on to Huron and Cleveland and finally Ashtabula (still Ohio).

We left this morning headed to Erie, PA but this time the wind that had favored us so much had turned and was directly against us. From 6:00am to almost 11:00am we bashed head first into wave after wave and the forecast was only calling for worse. Short of Erie, PA we dove into Conneaut, OH.

This is a very small town with a super cool vibe. Lot’s of boats and fishermen coming and going with a free place to tie Lady K up out of the wind and waves. We’re save and happy and the beer is cold.

We’ve been sitting for a few hours and notice two different kinds of people eyeballing us. First are the fishermen and some passersby. They see the Canadian Flag or the fact that it’s a sailboat or maybe just that we always smile and wave and they don’t like us. Being friendly we always wave when they stare but often don’t receive a reciprocal gesture. Honestly they can fuck their hats for all we care, we’re headed south baby!

The second kind, and these are fewer and further between, are the friendly curious folk. The first guy chatted about boats and experiences on the lake, a second asked some questions about our boat. The last pulled up to say hello and actually offered us a ride to the store. Being us we of course went and got some beer. A sailboat mustn’t run out of beer!

While in his company, he inistsed we borrow his motorcyle to ride around the countryside and go out for dinner. There are no helmet laws here so we’d be riding bare noggin which scares us but the getsure is super cool. A guy like this (Pat) kinda makes up for all the people who stare at you blankly when you wave. He made us pretty happy and honestly adds a little something to the trip. People always say “the people” are the best part of cruising and we have to agree.

The other night in Cleveland we were in a large Yacht Club where even the other sailboats don’t say hi, but faith was restored when the gentleman next to us named Al told us about another couple in the club headed south. We quickly found their boat and we’re welcomed aboard. They fed us beer and tacos into the wee hours and we swapped stories and sailboat refit ideas.

Next stop is to be Erie, PA but north east wind has us stuck here for at least three more days! However Pat is coming by for a visit, we have lots of beer, a pile of solar electricity to keep it cold, and an 1800cc motorbike. Life could be worse 😉

Love, Lady K.

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