Ready or not!

Next week we move out of our house and onto the boat. It’s one of the really big steps one the way to realizing our dream but I’d by lying if I said we aren’t at least a little bit scared.

Terrified even.

As you can see in the cover picture, the house is almost empty. The whole living room is gone, every major piece of furniture is gone. In fact, the only large items left are the washer and dryer.

The feeling of watching all your worldly stuff leave through the front door week after week is two things. First, it’s oddly freeing. Every thing that leaves gives me a sense of peace and ease. I feel so much lighter now and without stress. Honestly, I knew things would get easier when I quit my job a few months ago but I had no idea what peace actually felt like. It’s kinda nice.

The second feeling is the scarier one. The feeling I’ve been completely ignoring for the last few weeks but I think it’s time to actually confront.


All the “what if” scenarios are running through my head. What if I can’t get the boat ready in time? What if something get’s in our way of leaving? What if something on the boat breaks?

We don’t have a house to come back to, jobs to carry us, or even beds to sleep on. All the eggs in one basket… or boat as it were. A million things could get in our way now and it could destroy everything.

Luckily I’ve been extremely busy getting stuff out of the house and working on the boat so I’ve been fairly distracted from the fear. It isn’t until I lay down to sleep at night that it all rushes into my head.

I guess you trade work stress for different stress, don’t ya?

It’s not about how much stress you can get rid of because there will always be stress. It’s about how you handle that stress that really matters. Bad things are going to happen but now, at least they happen on our way to a life we will actually love every minute of. At least we’re on a path with passion.

Anyway, fear or not, here we come!

<3 Lady K

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