One month later

Well, tomorrow is the one month mark on our great adventure. We left August 6th and here we are, our tiny plastic Canadian made sailboat out in the blue water where she was never meant to be; where we were never meant to be.

The hardships are real. It’s not like “they got my coffee wrong this morning” real. It’s more like “the tide’s against us and a hurricane is rushing up to swallow our home and kill us” real.

Life out here is different. The problems are different. The relationship is different. Every decision is life or death. Every plan is thought out and re-thought out. As it stands, we’re headed up the Atlantic Ocean with weather reports of a hurricane on the way.

So, things we hate about this life….

Missing you all. For sure the hardest part is missing people.

What do we love?

Well, pretty much everything else. Our friend Jay asked me the other day “What’s the best part??” It actually took me a few minutes to figure out what to say, and honestly, it’s the waiting.

When arriving anywhere in a sailboat, you can typically see the destination some 20 miles out. Then, at 6 knots or about 8mph, you approach the destination very slowly. You have time to admire it from afar. You have time to appreciate the view. And most importantly, you have time to respect the journey. The miles you put in to actually get to the place you’ve been staring at for six hours.

Instant gratification is gone. You literally have to see what you want, and then wait for it for hour after slow hour. When you do finally get there, it is so much better than arriving by plane or car. There is no jump straight to the good part. It’s just hour after hour of work and waiting and then finally, you arrive, under sail, at six knots.

The most freeing feeling I’ve ever had in my life is the feeling of the journey. Taking your time to get to where you want to be. Working for it. Hustle day in and day out. Cheat codes need not apply. This is truly the way life is meant to be lived.

<3 Timmeh

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