Ode to the Universe, it’s a small world!

The Universe totally blew my mind today.

I had always had a lot of faith in the Universe having some sort of system which makes the right things happen from time to time. It’s been called a lot of things – the power of positive thought, the secret, karma, etc. etc. But today is one of those days where something cool happens that just makes you chuckle a little bit while you wonder how small the world really is.

We bought Lady K a year ago from a member of our Yacht Club. We received no history of her and little in the way of what sort of life she’d lived before we laid eyes on her. All we knew is that she had been in the club for many years, the latter of which she she was neglected quite a lot.

Today, my Mom was posting some very old pictures on Facebook, one of which was a wedding picture from long before my memory reaches.

The picture resulted in a long thread of conversations from many people my Mom used to know and lot of questions from long lost relatives and friends.

One such comment was from my Dad’s cousin Brian. I remember his name but have no recollection of ever meeting him as a kid. Brian asked my mom some questions about the picture she had posted and once answered, asked who owned the boat on her Facebook profile. He must have crept her pics.

“Countess” he called the boat.

“That’s my son Tim’s boat, Lady K” she had answered.

This of course caught my attention and I began discussing it with him.

It turns out, Lady K used to be in the Windsor Yacht Club.

Windsor is about 25 miles away, on exactly the opposite side of the lake we dock her on now. Also of coincidence, I grew up sailing on my Dad’s Clipper 26 at the Windsor City Marina just next door to the Windsor Yacht Club sailing the same waters Lady K (or Countess as she was known) sailed!

It stands to good reason that I may have even seen Lady K when I was a kid as she was only next door to where I spent most of my childhood.

Brian went on to lay one more big surprise on me. He actually worked on Lady K many years ago and he was the very person who installed the refrigeration on her! Thanks for the cold beer Brian! I certainly owe you one.

Brian even had a funny story about Lady K where when installing said fridge, he accidentally got locked in the port locker until someone happened by later to let him out.

Imagine the joy in having a cold beer chilled by the very fridge you installed so long ago on a boat you hadn’t seen in years which now just so happens to be owned by a nephew you forgot you had!

Thank you Universe. <3 Tim

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