Not So Sexy In The City

As we motor into Manhattan, New York on our 35 foot sailboat, I feel a whirlwind of emotions. To start, I’m in friggin’ Manhattan! New York! I can’t even begin to describe this level of excitement. Of all the movies and TV series I’ve watched and of all of the books I’ve read based right here, I never thought I would actually step foot (let alone, set sail) on these grounds. It’s something many of us dream of, but never follow through. Well we did. We have! We’re here! I’m so giddy, I could burst. Eeeek!

Next, I’m mildly disappointed in Mother Nature. While the winds and tide have been in our favour for the past few hours, the skies are nothing but overcast. For shame! Maybe it’ll turn around (though the forecast doesn’t seem to agree). I’d love to stroll through Central Park with the sun beating down on me while I breathe it all in. We’re not going to let the weather rain on this parade though. Not a chance!

I’m also a bit disappointed in myself. We left the anchorage at Dunderburg Mountain at about 6:30am. We tried to leave under sail, but the winds weren’t quite in our favour in lieu of catching the tide. Barely awake, we come around a point to see a fellow Canadian sailboat heading in the same direction. At this point, we had our main up to round up an extra knot in speed. As soon as we saw them go full canvas, we knew we had to follow suit. Race time! I can’t even remember the last time we had both sails up with good wind, let alone get into race mode. Tim asked me to take the helm while he rolled out the jib. I did, but as soon as I had both hands on the wheel, I froze. Anxiety set in and any shred of confidence I had went out the window. What the hell? I’ve been sailing this boat for years and in that moment, I just couldn’t do it. “Tim! I can’t do this! Get back here!” I chirped. We swapped positions and I did what I could to trim the sails for speed. Race conditions. But why did I freeze up? Is it the fact that we’re in unknown waters? Is it the fact that we haven’t actually raced in weeks? Was I just overtaken by the fact that the inside of the boat wasn’t prepared for us to heel over? Maybe it was all of the above, but I sure as shit didn’t like it. Something to work on, I suppose.

Maybe this is completely out of line, considering the basis of our journey, but guess what my biggest worry is right now? My clothes and appearance. ‘The f#$&? I’ve become so used to not wearing makeup and not caring what my hair is doing, so long as it’s out of my face. Don’t even get me started on my attire. But right now, rolling into Manhattan with my hair astray, my face greasy from yesterday’s sunscreen, wearing a hoodie, sneakers and a pair of tights in which you can see the elastic wearing out – I feel so out of place. I’m not even on land yet and the Carrie Bradshaw in me is having a mild breakdown. I can’t go into the city like this! Do I even have anything on this boat that will suffice until I can get to a mall? Hell – I don’t even remember the last time I bought myself some new clothes! Oh my lanta. This is ridiculous. *facepalm*

Anyways, time to shut down the girl and get my sailing shit together. Just thought I’d let y’all know where my head is at. So there’s that. I also intend to become a little more active on the blogging, now that we’re in Manhattan. Hopefully I can find myself a little Carrie Bradshaw inspiration. 😉

Until next time…cheers!
<3 Candice xo.

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