I’m not sure we’re minimalist… But moving onto a boat does force you to consider very carefully what sort of stuff you want in your life. There’s no room for big screen TVs, desktop computers, or fancy decor. A sailboat only has space for the bare essentials.

While minimalism may not be our goal, it is kind of part of what we’re trying to accomplish. I guess we are just tired of spending a fortune on a house we don’t need, and another fortune on stuff to fill the house. We end up working all kinds of hours of our lives to pay for things that don’t actually enrich our lives.

I asked myself what sort of life I want to have lived when I look back fifty years from now. Do I want to have worked for 90% of my days? Will I feel like I did everything I wanted to do when my time runs out?

I answered with a resounding “No”.

When I reach the last day of my life, I’d much rather have traveled, explored cultures unknown, learned new languages, sailed all of the oceans our planet has to offer, and spent every minute I could have in passion. I want to look back at a life filled with soul enriching experiences.

Minimalism as it’s called seems like a small part of what we’re trying to do. Why buy a bunch of stuff that will weigh us down when all we really want is to be happy? Happiness, to me is progress. Passion. Dancing in the rain. Crossing into uncharted waters. Seeing how everyone else in the world lives.

Some of the happiest people in the world also happen to be some of the poorest. I want to be poorer in pocket, richer in soul.

Ask yourself, what do you want to look back on when your days run out?

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