Licenses, Passports, Registrations, Oh My!

As you know, we have finally set a date to throw off the lines and sail into a world unknown (at least to us).  August 1st of this year, we are blowing this pop stand! Tim already covered quite a bit of the plan in his post(s) – sell all the things, move out of the house, live on the boat and carry on from there. We’ve already begun the purging process, selling off anything that we know we can live without for the next…well, forever I suppose. Any money made is going straight into the kitty, though I assume that goes without saying. For those of you unfamiliar with the term, “kitty” essentially means our savings.

While we downsize at home and continue to do extensive amounts of research, endlessly racking our brains on how to better outfit the boat, there’s a heck of a lot more going on than what we post. While Tim has his lists of things to take care of, I have mine too. Outside of working on the provisioning and organizing and #stitchbitch tasks, I get to handle all the super fun paperwork. *le sigh* I’m being dramatic. The paperwork isn’t all that bad. However, it is amazing how many flippin’ forms there are for everything that we’ve done so far. Not feeling so wonderful about the stacks of paper we have printed out, considering the technology-ridden world we live in.

To start my list – the boat registration. We assumed this had been done by previous owners, seeing as how she’s been named (decals and all), all paperwork and information that came with her at the time of sale suggested this and the fact that nobody ever advised otherwise. We did buy “K” from former members of our Yacht Club, so we kind of just thought someone would have mentioned it in passing. Sweet deal – one less thing to worry about! We’ll just transfer everything into our names, ba-da-bing-ba-da-boom! Transfer of ownership is $100 cheaper than a registration and we really like cheap. But, we were wrong. Lady K is not registered. At least not our girl here in Ontario.

Shit. What do we do?

While working on the registration, I made some calls to Transport Canada (they confirmed Lady K is not available to register). They clarified that the “registration” number that we had was in fact the license number. Oh, okay! Now we don’t need to get her licensed! Wrong again. If we want to register the boat (which is necessary for what we’re doing), we have to cancel the existing license. More forms? Why the heck not?

…and it gets better!

Straight from Transport Canada and Ontario Boating Safety, “You are now required to submit / provide a current full side-view colour photograph of the pleasure craft”.  Current full side-view? Our Hughes 35 is currently on the hard, snuggled between two other boats. “The pleasure craft must not be obstructed by other boats; you should clearly see the specific craft”. Furthermore, when I last spoke to a Transport Canada rep, I was told that we should not be sending photos of Lady K with her existing decals. Once the cancellation is complete, we have to include these documents with our registration. If I recall correctly, submitting photos for the cancellation with Lady K stuck to the side of the hull, then sending those documents to register the boat is going to end up costing us twice as much. I can’t remember the specific details, but I believe it chalks up to that initial point where we can’t register the name “Lady K” (still silently panicking over this).  Anyways, I took a drive out to the club a couple of weekends ago with a bag full of Windex, towels and razor blades. They were calling for rain, it wasn’t very warm outside and I neglected to bring any sort of heating device, so scraping off the decals – not easy or fun. Not being able to feel my fingers while handling a razor blade, I got as far as scraping off “Lady”. Before the rain started to come down, I snapped some shots to the best of my ability and headed back to the house. What a feat! Once home, Tim uploaded the files from my camera (had some fun video footage from the drive out to the club) and we started to review. At least until he accidentally deleted everything, both from the computer and from the camera. Shit – back to square one! Lucky for us, we had plans to go out to check on K a couple of days later, giving me the opportunity to get some more pictures.

Alright, forms filled out and signed, bill of sale, copies of our government ID’s, several photos of the boat in her current state (with a little hand written note to explain the multiple angles), a letter to claim why we need to cancel and we’re good! Sent immediately. Now we wait…

Within the next couple of days after sending off the license cancellation request, we did what we needed to do to renew our passports. While not as difficult as everything else, they certainly don’t make that easy either. First, I had a heck of a time with my photo. “Necklace off, ear things out.” Okay? Didn’t have to take my plugs out last time I did this, but whatever you say. “Getting a glare off your nose ring and that piercing by your eye, gunna need those to come out.” Yeah, no. My nose ring is pinched closed and my dermal anchor is embedded in my face. I was getting frustrated. Eventually the girl with the camera offered to try a few different things to work with me and voila! Photo’s done. Get home to complete the paperwork. Tim’s current passport is about to expire, so that one was easy. Mine is good until July of 2019 – another roadblock. I had to write a letter to claim why I needed my passport renewed so soon. While not difficult to write, I did struggle with the wording. I didn’t want to write anything that may throw me under the bus later (I don’t know what that could be, but better safe than sorry). We’re also without passports for the time being, as we had to send the old ones with the renewal paperwork. Good thing we have no desire to cross the border anytime soon.

So here we are, playing the waiting game. While I can’t work on much more as far as the legalities and paperwork go, I’ve certainly kept busy. Tying up loose ends (painting a shelf for Tim’s mom, finishing some small sewing projects, etc). Today, I’ve got a short list of long measurements I need for placing an order with JT’s Outdoor Fabrics. I’ve got a dodger to repair for a fellow club member (hi Scobie), in need of some new upholstery welt and a few lengths of mesh-bottom lining for all the cockpit cushions. Stay tuned to our YouTube channel, Facebook and Instagram for updates on my upcoming projects. Until then…


<3 Candice xo.

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