It’s Go Time!

Sitting at the dining room table, sipping my coffee, checking emails and delivery statuses of things ordered online and Cali comes in for a quick snuggle. We talk about how she slept and she tells me about her sneezing fit. Like 11 sneezes. I sure hope she isn’t getting sick – the nice weather has finally graced us with it’s presence! I blame the kick-up of dust in the house and the garage as we pack up and ship out all of our belongings…and it hits me…it’s go time, bitches!

T-minus 9 days until no longer have a house to call home. No more waking up in different rooms to meet each other in the kitchen for breakfast. No more closed doors to help quiet ourselves when we wake up at the strangest hours of the night. No more tossing a load of laundry in the washer to flip it over into the dryer in between karate drop-off and pick-up. No more Nerf gun wars, finding bullets in every nook and cranny months or even years later. No more tossing opened mail aside to “deal with later”. No more stashing boxes of Halloween costumes or Christmas decorations under the stairs until the following year. It’s all done. We’re about to flip our world of well known routine and ruthless convenience completely upside down and I can’t wait.

While I look around at all of the stuff we still have to move/sell/donate, it seems like a lot. But while I look at it all, it sinks in a little deeper that I’m not going to miss these things, these “luxuries”. We’ve got bins slowly filling up with everything that needs to be shipped out to the boat throughout the week. Bins! I mean, there are several of them right now as K was stripped down to the bare minimum for the off-season and cleaning, but even the bins get to go once we’re done with them. I know far too many people that would lose their mind if they had to give up their Keurig or their favourite set of sheets or even just downsize their home for whatever reason. Not us. While there’s a smidge of sadness watching things we or our families have worked so hard for go out the door – there’s an even bigger sense of relief.

What about the kids’ stuff? We’ve finally found the time to sort through the clutter that has become their bedrooms. “Boat, Mommies or go?” has been the system of the week and it actually went better than I expected. There were a few items that I may have chimed in with comments about why it shouldn’t go to the boat, but quickly followed up with a compromise. It worked. Very well. No tears, no sadness and quite a bit of excitement. That makes my heart happy. I mean, I’m 32 years old and had a few toys still kicking around from when I was Cali’s age (TMNT for life) – those were tough to let go of. But I did it, I felt good about it and they went to homes where I can see them again later if I need to (thanks Baba)!

I could sit here all day sharing my thoughts, but I’ve got a timeline to keep. Nice weather and a weekend off – perfect to roll out to the Club to start cleaning our girl for the move aboard. Got any tips or tricks for environmentally friendly cleaning? Comment below or send me a message!

Much love and have a great weekend!

<3 Candice xo.

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