Goodbye TekSavvy

Two more days left! Well, as I write this I have two more days left. As you read it I’ll already be gone.

I’m planning on not really telling anyone I’m leaving until I’m already gone because I’m not sure I can handle all the goodbyes in person. I’d rather not leave in tears, ya know?

Suffice it to say, I’ve fallen in love with TekSavvy time and again over the last seven years and everyone who works there. It’s been my family. My home half the time, and my “on-call” home the other half.

From the time I started in Technical Support I knew this was something special. This is so far removed from anything else in Chatham. I was the Quality Leader for a long time and helped improve the customer experience, and then the Manager of Technical Support for the last few years where we basically threw everything out the window and rebuilt it. I’ve trained hundreds of people, change a gazillion policies and processes, and had some damn good arguments along the way.

Anyway, it’s been one fuck of a ride. I hope that I’ve positively affected as many lives as have affected me. I’ve had the opportunity to grow so much as a person and I hope that I helped some of you along the way. I truly love TekSavvy and always will, and if you’re a member of that family, I love you too. I’ll miss you.

I could end there… but I know you’re likely reading this to find out “Why” I actually don’t work there anymore. So as crazy as it sounds, this is it in a nutshell:

I’ve had a dream for the last ten years, and if I don’t follow it now I never will.

I’m selling everything I own and sailing to the Caribbean.

Getting the boat and my life ready will take a lot of work so I need a few months off before I leave. It didn’t make sense to stay any longer both financially and for what’s needed in order to chase my dream.

If you want to stay in touch, Facebook is the easiest way.

White sand, blue water, and slushy rum drinks baby!

Love Tim.

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  1. So glad that you are getting your dream come true. Hope u have a lot fun and adventure on your journey with Candice. Hope to meet you guys one day in the other side of the world. I will keep on eyes in facebook where you are. Keep safe sailing.

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