First Night of the Good Life!

Cali LOVED the first night sleeping on the boat on a weekday!

We… well didn’t quite so much LOVE it. I mean, there’s a lot to be said for having a beer and sitting in the cockpit watching the lightning. Candice had the biggest smile.

But it was HOT. We were sweating buckets wishing Lady K had air conditioning right up until about 9:00pm. The night was better but Cali, in her excitement didn’t actually go to sleep until way after her bed time.  I suspect she’s not behaving all that well at daycare today.

With the goal of spending every night for the rest of the summer on K, we have a few worries. Primarily getting to work and back on time is a struggle because while our house is only a few minutes from work, K is docked at the Thames River Yacht Club (insert shameless link to promote the club) which is about 30 minutes from work. On top of that, Candice starts work at 6:00am, the daycare opens at 7:30am, and I usually work at 8:00am. Two cars in play and lots of gas burned.

The next big ask for us would be a better routine. We spend a lot of weekends on K but having to work in the morning changes the game. We all have to have showers at the club because K doesn’t have hot water. We have to work out dinner and fall into a routine of cooking at the boat. Don;t even get me started on breakfast!

My driving hope with this move to  actually LIVE on the boat this summer is that I think it will change our priorities. When we sleep in the house, we do house stuff the whole evening and tend to watch a lot of TV. Sleeping on the boat however limits our exposure to TV and I think it will lead to a lot more boat projects getting done. Something about being in that environment stirs up our love for K and motivates us to get stuff done.

Tight quarters and limited space aside, there is a lot to be said for the biblical sunsets we get at the club. All the stress of the day seems to melt away when Lake St Clair shows us how beautiful she can be at dusk.

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