Every Heart Is An Island (But No One’s Alone)

Curious: Do you all hail from a “home club”? 

We do. We came from the Thames River Yacht Club in Lighthouse Cove (Lake St. Clair). It was absolutely devastating to leave those guys behind. We love every single member for one reason or another. But, something struck me tonight and I felt it to be blog-worthy. Let me tell you a story…

We were supposed to throw off the dock lines on August 1st. No ifs ands or buts (weather permitting). This was the day. We did everything we needed to do (outside of saying “final” goodbyes) right up to that day. 

Morally (and a little bit of weather interruption), we didn’t feel right about leaving on August 1st. But doing what we are, we can’t have a schedule. We have to follow the weather. And we did. But! As luck would have it (and that’s about when ours ran out)…

Two of our favourite people (from the club), were getting married the weekend [after] we were supposed to leave. Be it the weather God’s listening to Lisa and I beg, or be it good faith, we didn’t leave. We stayed and we saw (and we helped). 

I still can’t believe the magic that happened that day. Nothing went as planned, nothing was clean cut and you know what? It didn’t even matter. At the end of the day, their day was nothing short of perfect. 

Shaun & Lisa – I’m so f*cking happy that our “Mother Nature begging” turned out in our favour.  I love you guys so hard and I’m sorry I didn’t hug you more. You two – the energy I feel resonating off of you – there are no words. You’re so good. Such phenomenally good people. I love you guys! Please don’t ever let that go – it’s how I knew you were real. ❤️

If you don’t meet us down in blue waters (which you f*%^in’ better!), just know you have a slumber-party-home waiting for you. Always and forever. 💋


<3 Candice xo.

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  1. Think how I felt about leaving after 30 + Years . I look forward to seeing you in Florida and possibly in the Bahamas as well. Working on the boat to get ready for that trip salt is hard on them along with the 2600 traveled to get here.

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