We’re absolutely crushing this thing!

Seriously, it feels like we’ve come so far. I mean, sell everything you own, check. Move out of the house and on to a boat, check. Quit our jobs, check. Lastly, the hardest part of all: actually LEAVE.

Well, we actually left. That was three weeks ago. We crossed Lake St Clair and tackled the Detroit River, crossed Lake Erie and landed in Ohio. We got through the USA customs part. Hopped down Lake Erie and took our mast down.

We entered the historic Erie Canal and that’s where we are today. We’re trucking east toward the Hudson River which will carry our little ship to the ocean for her first time.

It feels really good to know that we’ve tackled so much. I mean, there is way harder stuff ahead but look what we’ve already done! We’ve got this.

All the while we have been taking care of the boat and cleaning and putting time and effort into our relationship. Spending 100% of your time with another person with literally no escape can be scary but as long as you both share the same values and same goals, it’s actually not that hard. We love each other so much that everything just sort of… works.

The other piece to the puzzle is the filming. We carry a couple of camera and typically one is always out and ready to capture anything we find interesting. Documenting our journey and showing other people that they too can shove off from land life are both big parts of why we’re doing this thing.

We’re learning to edit video and our YouTube channel is actually starting to take off. It’s wicked cool.

YouTube is kind of the key to this whole thing for us. You see, YouTube allows us to post videos that hopefully bring some value to people. When people see it a valuable enough, they send us money for each new YouTube video. We try to release four videos per month. So far we’ve got 12 people sending us money. Pretty awesome!

What we’re called now is “cruisers”. That’s the word for people who live on a boat and travel the world. We certainly fit in.

When asked what one regret they have, every cruiser has the same answer. “I wish we’d have left sooner.”

Cheers everyone, much from from Lady K. Thanks for playing along.

Our YouTube: www.youtube.com/ladyksailing

Our Patreon: www.patreon.com/ladyksailing

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