But Why!?

“Why are you leaving me?”

This is a question I’m asked often when I speak of our plan with K.

Heads up – this post is about to get mildly selfish with a heaping spoon of hedonist: It isn’t about you.

This is about me. This is about Tim. This is about what we want out of life, both solo and together. Tim and I share many of the same values and passions and ideally, our “end game” is one in the same.

While he has spent much of his life dreaming of exactly what we’re doing, I have spent my life dreaming specifically of the adventure along the way. I’ve never dreamt of an easy road as I’ve never traveled one, so I just expect all the bumps along the way. That’s likely another in depth story…

Truth be told, the thought of a sailboat being my vessel never crossed my mind. Ever. While I’ve seen them throughout my life and I’ve always been fond of looking at them – I never once stopped to consider what they’re capable of.

I spent many of my childhood summers on a motorboat. My dad had an ’87 Four Winns Liberator coated in the same colours as the ’79 GMC Jimmy that towed it. I loved that boat and I still dream of driving that truck (maybe the universe will hear my call). As many know, sailors and motor-boaters don’t typically hang out together. It’s like the folk who drive pickup trucks versus the folk who drive sports cars. They just don’t mesh. I never understood it, but I also believe the chameleon is my spirit animal. πŸ˜‰ Anyways – we spent our summers out on the water, but I can’t recall ever seeing a sailboat in action. I can only remember the masts at some local docks and on our drive through Bayfield to get to our cottage. Either way, I never considered this method as a means for scratching my travel itch. Not until I met Tim.

Tim has sailing in his blood [insert shameless “read my boyfriends blog posts” plug here]. I’m grateful for his parents bringing him up on the water (thank you, Laura – I know you’re reading this) and I’m so happy that it’s something he’s carried with him to this day. What I’m most grateful for is the fact that Tim has let me into his world. <3

While I don’t consider myself a sailor just yet, I’ve embraced the life of one with wide open arms (maybe). I can raise a main sail, I can trim a jib, I can drop and bring up the anchor (in calm waters), I can cook an edible dish in the galley and I can drink like a fish. Is there more!? Oh, there’s so much more! While I can read a thousand books, follow hundreds of blogs and watch hours of videos – I don’t have all the skills yet. I’m a hands-on learner. This is where Tim comes wildly into play. He’s always teaching me (or desperately trying to) and I couldn’t be more thankful for his patience and knowledge. Those moments where it finally clicks for me — holy shit (yep, probably write about that too).

Back to what I was getting at…
(I’m really effin’ good at getting side-tracked – you’ve been forewarned).

Me. Not you.

I want this life. No matter what the matter or means. If I’m on my own or right where I sit (currently on top of the galley stove on K) – I’ll figure it out. Money has always scared me (stay tuned for more on that). But, with the right mind and the proper inspiration – I’m not worried. Like I said, I always figure it out.

What I’m getting at is:
I don’t want to hear, “Why are you leaving me?” It’s not personal! I want you to ask me (and us) [and really listen], “Why?” Each ear may hear a different side of the story, which makes it that much better of a tale to tell.

When I sit back and think about it, outside of my own selfish means, I think about you. And you. You too. Wanna know what I think about you?

…how we just banked your next vacation destination. You’re welcome. Β πŸ™‚

K, bye! <3 xo

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