Buddy boats!

Remember how my cousin Brian blew my mind when it turns out he knows Lady K from back when she was new? I wrote about it here.

Well, it get’s even crazier than just meeting my long lost cousin and having him not only know our boat, but he is in fact the very person who installed her refrigeration system way back when.

We sailed down to Windsor this weekend because the wind was favorable to do so on Saturday planning to have dinner and spend the night returning home in the morning. Our best buddy Jay decided to come too on his 38 Hughes called Toran. Jay got the boat recently and we thought it was pretty cool that both our boats are made by Hughes Boatworks.

On Sunday morning, long lost cousin Brian paid us a visit at the Windsor Marina to chat for a bit. I don’t have a big family so meeting someone even distantly related is a special thing for me. I could have sat and chatted with him all day.

Brian told me stories about Lady K when she was brand new and we talked about sailing south, which Brian has actually already done! He took a year away in 2013 and sailed down and back on his Beneteau. Fantastic!

I got some advice and we talked about some of the sailing and travelling philosophy.

Then I pointed out Jay’s boat tied up just down the way from where we were chatting and Brian said “Hey I know that boat too!”

It turns out, the man who bought Toran back in 1979 brought her to the Windsor yacht Club too. There is still a picture of her in the club! Lady K and Toran were in the same yacht club back when they were new!

Even scarier yet – the man who bought Toran convinced his best bud that he should buy a Hughes too, and his bud did – Lady K! Holy Shit!

So as it turns out, the man who used to own Toran and the man who used to own Lady K were best buds and these two boats have been sailing together for much of their lives.

For us to buy Lady K locally, and Jay to buy Toran a year later from a totally different club and them to turn out as old boat buddies is pretty surreal.

We have reunited Lady K and Toran under new ownership and at a totally new yacht club to continue their lives and help carry us to our dreams.

Side note: Jay may sail down south at the same time as us, as soon as two years from today! #buddyboats

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