Back Creek, Annapolis

If you watch our YouTube Channel, or follow us on Instagram and Facebook you already know where we are. For those who don’t, let me tell you why Back Creek is the BEST creek!

Annapolis is an amazing place for cruisers and liveaboard and is set up to cater to our every need, almost. Spa Creek is sort of in the middle of Annapolis and is home to the Annapolis Sailboat Show, the largest in water show of its kind in the world! You can pay $30-$40 a night for a mooring ball in Spa Creek right in the thick of the action, or you can save a lot of money and get away from the traffic and noise by selecting a different locale to spend your time in Annapolis.

When we first arrived we took a free mooring in Weems Creek which was a bit far from anything interesting, but very well protected and peaceful. Since, we have moved to Back Creek and let me tell you, it’s nice!

We’re anchored of course, and with the boat show only three days away, it’s getting super busy around here! When we got here we had our pick of places to anchor but she’s getting pretty tight now.

The dinghy dock, free to use at the end of sixth street is a short walk from a variety store and a bit passed that is the Eastport Plaza with everything else you might want.

A further dinghy ride into Spa Creek hosts showers and laundry for public use at the cost of $$1 per token to enter. Of course, we often aren’t charged and I’m not sure why. Spa Creek also has rental bicycles which will get you to West Marine or any number of other stores of interest.

Oh and the last and greatest thing – Mills Wine and Spirits (also has beer) will actually deliver whatever you’d like from their store to the Back Creek dinghy dock at 6th street. How’s that for service!

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