19 Days to Go!

I remember sitting in my cubicle at work at least five years ago dreaming of this day. I’d read Windtraveller in my spare time and followed them on their adventure, longing for the day it could be my adventure too.

I’d scour the internet for a boat cheap enough that I could afford it, but solid enough that it could take me away.

I remember feeling like my time would never come. It would be years and years before I could realize my dream. It may never come.

Here we are. A few years later and I’m sitting at the nav station in my own boat, outfitted to sail the ocean. I’ve got my solar panels, composting head, and a big ass anchor. I can remember every step on this path and how hard some of them were. It always felt a little surreal, ordering an ocean rated anchor and bolting it on. Selling our couch, bed, television. Every step was small, but no matter how small each one got us closer.

I wanted to give you guys an update on where we stand as of this morning. Also a big thanks to Ray who shot us a donation today! We love you!

It’s Friday, July 13. We have 19 days left. Big things still to do on the boat are to refit the propane system so we have new lines and the tank mounts outside the stern rail. I’m waiting on an Amazon delivery for that. The other thing is somewhere to mount our dinghy motor on the sailboat for storage while the dinghy is up on deck. I’ve got a really cool idea for that but you’ll have to see what happens with that in our next video!

Lastly, we have to get our cars sold. They’re getting a lot of bites and I’m sure they’ll sell soon but it is getting down to the wire and they aren’t sold yet. That’s our biggest stress right now I think. If you know anyone who wants a convertible, mine is this ad and Candice’s is this ad.

I won’t lie, we’re very scared now. We posted about that the other day. We know we’re going to love it out there but taking that big step isn’t easy.

Anyway, thanks for joining us on this crazy adventure. We can’t wait to share it with you <3 Also don’t forget, if you want to help us out along the way hit us up on Patreon here where you can send us a couple bucks every time we make a new video (once a week), or make a one time contribution to the beer/fuel fund right here using Paypal.

Thanks again, we love you!

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