10 Things We Love & Hate About The House Life

As Tim previously mentioned, we’ve moved back to the house after living aboard for a better portion of our summer. School things and broken car things have led us back to the city and I can honestly say that “happy” isn’t the word we’d use to describe how we feel about it.

So, in light of our Top 10 Things We Love and Hate About Boat Life, I’ve decided to share how we feel about moving back to the house.

The LOVE List:

  1. Nearly endless hot water. Lady K doesn’t have a hot water tank, so when we need it for cleaning and dishes and such, we bust out the trusty kettle. Otherwise, we take advantage of the shower and washrooms at the Club. When we came back to the house on Sunday, all four of us managed to shower without emptying the tank. It was great! Tim also got to enjoy the luxury each time he came into the house with grease/oil/fuel on his hands from fixing my car (thanks babe)!
  2. The car thing leads to the next love – the garage. We have a 2-car garage and a wide variety of the tools required to fix our cars, our friends cars, boat things and more. When we’re stuck at the house, there’s a pretty solid chance we’re not even in it. We’re in the garage.
  3. The space. While we got used to living all four of us on K and we made do with the space available to us, not every day is butterflies and rainbows. There were several occasions where one of us just needed to go for a walk or a dinghy ride to blow off some steam or to clear our heads. For the days that were more wet than just plowing waves or putting the rail down, it wasn’t so easy to “escape”. Being back at the house allows us to separate ourselves or the kids when we’re having a rough day.
  4. This is a selfish one, and one to be tinkered with in the future, but… ALL of my sewing things. While I managed to make some cute event outfits and whip up some curtains and such with my light, portable computerized machine – I certainly can’t mend a sail in K’s cabin. I mean, I probably could, but comfortably and without smothering anyone else who dare be in there with me? No dice. While I haven’t yet found the motivation to bang out hours and hours of my #stitchbitch work since we’ve been back in the house, I know I’ve got full access to everything I need once the moment strikes. This is a money-making skill in which I cherish and I’ll never let go.
  5. The sunset. It’s absolute bliss out on the water, but when stuck in the city, our house is in a pretty perfect location to catch most of the beauty too. Still doesn’t beat the sunset on the water, never will, but we take what we can get. 😉




  1. The city and the buildings and the structures. Aside from the sunset and the fact that we’re car people too – there is just nothing to look at! The buildings are boring (house included). The drive to work in the morning is bland. The construction all over this town seems endless. It’s just…ugh. The photo featured in this post? I took it tonight. After spending an hour scrolling through my photos trying to find something decent…nothing. I don’t have a single picture of the house. Meanwhile, my phone has just under 5000 photos on it (I should probably save those somewhere) and I can guarantee 75% of them (or more) have something boat-related in them.
  2. The space. This is a love/hate relationship (more of the latter for what I think are becoming more obvious reasons). There’s so much more to clean! While the fridge is 100x bigger than what we have on K – there’s more room to stash things and forget about them until well past their expiry date. The floors just don’t stay clean, despite any effort. I shed like an animal, random thread from today’s project or whatever I worked on months ago never seems to go away and the dust carried in through way of the garage never seems to settle until after we’ve swept and mopped. Most of the house floors are ceramic tiles, but the bedrooms are carpeted. All that stuff that lingers…always makes it way to the carpets and it just…Never. Ends. On K – we tidied up and cleaned the small space almost daily, it was so easy!
  3. The stuff. We have so much stuff. We lived for months (between weekends and the time we legitimately lived on board) without all of this stuff. The couch. The TVs. The gaming systems. The tables. The lamps. ALL of the things that fill each and every nook and cranny at the house – we did without. Throughout the process of moving out to the boat, we took what we needed initially and made a point to stop in to grab the few things we needed as we went. It worked. It was simple, it was happy. Now – we just sit here looking at all this STUFF and we’re like…what do we do with it?
  4. The atmosphere. For such a tiny space, K has everything to offer that we actually need. Actually. The things, the space, the people – most of all the people. Now this is a little biased because we’re lucky enough to be members of a club that are just so dang welcoming, but still! Middle of the week, nothing going on, you hear a car roll by – you go visit. Hours and education and work-done and memories-made later, it’s time to call it a night, go to bed happy and (98% of the time) stress-free and that’s that. Get up and do it all over again the next day. At the house – there is no atmosphere. There’s no flow or jive. It’s just this big giant space that we live in with all of the stuff we haven’t parted with yet. You hear a car roll by (depending on how it sounds)? Well, you don’t run outside and strike up a conversation with them. They’re already gone.
  5. We’re SO BORED. There’s a few points we’ve made thus far, which all make it seem like “how could they possibly be bored?” It’s not entirely that we’re bored. It’s the fact that we have to actually think about what we want to do. What should we do? Netflix on the couch? No. Clean the house (again)? No. Tinker with some projects around the house? No. WE JUST WANT TO GO BACK TO THE BOAT! We never had to think about things to do out there. We lived in the moment. Some days, we had mild plans to go for a dinghy ride or go fishing or powerwash the boat. But how much thought went into this? Like none. We just went with the flow. Get to K, have a beer after work, make dinner and just roll with it. Jay needs help pumping up his dinghy? Done. The Hewstones need someone to climb up the mast? Done. All of the outboard problems? Yep – those are done too. We just never had to think about it. There was always something going on to keep us busy. It was great!

There we have it. The loves and the hates. The love list was a struggle because they’re all things that we can do without. We’re not happy at the house. Not now. Not after we’ve had a taste of what our future holds. But we’ll manage. We’ll get through it and we’ll work our asses off to get where we need to be. “Go small, go simple, go now.” It may not be in this very minute of this very hour on this very day, but it’s sure as hell going to be a lot sooner than we first planned.

Candice <3 xo.

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